I sleep a lot... Who cares...

in photography •  10 months ago


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Look who just woke up... With a name like General one would expect an early morning meow, but naaaaaaah...


Meow, I know I'm cute & there's nothing you can do about it!


tenor (5).gif


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Until next time, thanks for stopping by! I upvote sweet comments so go for it, any upvote or resteem is much appreciated! Take care & stay awesome!

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cute mano cutie catty :-*


:) Yeah thanks, call me the "catfather"...


ok Catfather < 3

What a beautiful and most handsome boy! Yep with a stunning kitty like this who cares if he sleeps a lot! :)

As handsome as he is he should be allowed to sleep all he wants too!

what's goin on man? what are the contests or steem making ventures to be into this week?? xmas peace (-:


hey! Will have to wait and see :) cheers

wow super cat,, cute fallow , i am fallowing you, you too @yousafharoonkhan