I didn't see a photo challenge #5 anywhere. I hate it when people clutter the photochallenge tag with photos that have nothing whatsoever to do with any official photo challenge.

where did you see a photochallenge #5 ?

idk. i thought it was there, wasn't it?

you need to remove the tag #steemitphotochallenge . you could be flagged down for incorrectly using tags. if you want to enter the photochallenge you really need to read the rules for that week.

the challenge this week was close-up/macro nature photography. which yours are, but the deadline was sunday.
please remove the stemitphotochallenge tag, or you are just spamming the category and making it hard for @jamtaylor to view the correct entries each week

and what is the current challenge ?

there isn't a challenge atm. the last 1 was steemitphotochallenge #4 @jamtaylor hasn't announced steemitphotochallenge #5 yet. he usually announces the theme on a friday.

taken care of

Thanks. keep a lookout on friday for the next challenge. and good luck :-)

sounds great, thanks