When music was in the first place and the dream of being a rock star! :)

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Teenager times are the best in life

We have many ideas and dreams then, we exaggerate everything because our creativity is quite different than in an adult person

My dream was to be happy and it has been so until now, thank God for that

I miss the moments when life was carefree


Let's use life as if every day was the last one and let's have dreams all the time!


PS. I miss the long hair and sneakers on the legs with the words: punks not dead! : D


These are good memories! When I was young (I hate this phrase))), my work was closely connected with musicians, rock musicians. I happily recall those carefree times, nights spent in rock clubs ... In those days there was always lack of money, but it was fun with friends anyway. We are also meeting, but, of course, not as before.

Carefree life meant that you did not look at money, but at well spent moments :D The most important is how much we feel: D PS. It's nice that you did something related to music, memories have remained, but the adventure continues! : D
PS. Can I know what you were doing? : D

I found different clubs for concerts of several rock bands. I was like a director and a producer :) Something like this. And sometimes I even performed with one rock band. Singing " Hide your heart" by KISS :)

looking at you, you can see that you were having a good time :D the best job, it seems to me that if you could return to this time several times, so let's enjoy these moments, because time is running out: D It's nice to see someone's memories in the picture, generally a great souvenir

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