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RE: THE FIRST Steemit Professional Photoshooting - Backstage photos included!!! - Whale - Dolphin shoot too!!

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Typical! No good story line really, chick photos wearing steemit colors! Gets all the money, im a female and im getting tired of it really! If steemit wants to keep more women posting stories this isnt the way! Ive posted many good stories and get 0, so have many other people! I will stay a bit longer and keep posting but this just discourages me and others, especially when its all photos , come on now 10,000.! Its just a lop sided friends of steemit and whales that get all the attention! The rest of us can forget about it😊😉just my opinion! STEEM ON ! 😣😣♨♨♨


YOu go girl. We've got to teach more men the meaning of "Tits or GTFO!"

Omg! Art is way different so is music and all art forms are ! This is in no way art! If you think it is then your crazy!

I think you must have misunderstood what I said due to not knowing who I was replying to. I didn't make any judgments on what I consider to be art. I was asking another user questions in order to get an idea of what he considered art.

I'm replying to this comment of yours because the comment you made to my post is nested too deeply in the replies and there is a limit so there is no direct reply button.

If you assumed that I thought the photographs in this post are art, I can say yes. The definition of what is art is quite vague. In my opinion this isn't "good" art, as in something that will stand the test of time, has something meaningful to say, or any of the things that make a fine work worthy of adulation.

However, it's commercial "art", at the very least, and I'm not going to belittle it for it is serving it's designed purpose. Surely the photographers and models involved see this as work and not a labor of love and it's fairly disposable.

Also, for clarification, I believe dance and singing is art. Modelling, the profession, is a skill and career and not on the level of a real art, but it's not artless entirely by any stretch. Modelling can be very expressive, after all the human form and face are involved and there isn't anything more expressive than an expression, eh?

Acting falls in to a similar area. It's very expressive, but it's not quite the art form that music, painting and dance are. Once again, art is extremely personal and subjective, so I am loathe to say my opinion is the final say on this. (obviously it's not) But at least @karenmckersie has some idea what I was thinking and hopefully doesn't still think I'm crazy! :)