Unofficial winter | Original Photography

in #photography5 years ago

I just woke up and went out after coffee and look what a beautiful view.

And this is my tasty coffee with a lot of milk.

The fresh smell is amazing! Photos taken with S. Edge 6. No effects added.

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First snow of the year for you? Ton of rain where i'm at. No snow yet. We tend to get snow later in the season, though I think last year was the first time in like 10 or so years it was a white Christmas.

No, we had the first snow few days ago :D From what I remember we didn't have snow for Christmas last year..

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Bummer. Snow can make a mundane place like my parent's house beautiful after a few inch snow fall. My dad was raised in New York and Vermont so he's used to seeing huge snow falls and 0 degree temperatures. Not so much in the Pacific Northwest/ Washington State.

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