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Recently I went on an adventure. An adventure that included staying in an off the grid cabin in the woods, tracking bears, doing some skeet shooting, exploring waterfalls, and all sorts of other hillbilly activities.

One of my favorite parts though was coming across an old abandoned farmhouse while out exploring. A place that seemed to tell a story - a story of a time nearly forgotten, and a life that seemed to just stop.

I’ve always had a love for old things, I guess it’s the old soul in me. Some of my most prized possessions are my great grandmothers 100 yr old cast iron pans (that I use daily) or the collection of old mason jars that have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s something about the history that these items were a part of, the idea that they each tell a story. They are just special to me.

So wandering around this house I found myself completely infatuated with everything I saw.. and even though I enjoyed my weekend adventure completely.. this was the first time I felt the desire to pull out my camera and capture these lost moments.

They aren’t stunning from a photography standpoint, but I really enjoy the story they tell.. or the time that they capture... and wanted to share them.

Here are my favorite shots, of a time forgotten, I hope you enjoy!













Much Love,


All photos taken with a Fuji X-T2 / 35mm lens and minimal after processing in Lightroom.


You make a good hillbilly - My favourite one in fact. (Yes I know a few). So, I like the two shots of the jugs, something about how they're illuminated by the sunlight I think. All good shots though. Old stuff can be legit...Take myself for instance...50 next year but off-the-scale legit! 😎

Hahaha thanks!!!

I mean, I can’t do a lot well .. but run barefoot with a shotgun over my shoulder is just something that fits me 🤷‍♀️

I love how the sunlight hits them too.. totally drew me in.. something magical there.

Old stuff is so legit.. and I can’t even believe you are hitting that milestone, you are entirely too legit to quit 😉

Barefoot and a shotgun works...As long as you have on denim overalls with one strap tied up with rope and the waist cinched with another rope off-cut. 🤪

50 is only another number...I get by being the man I am and don’t mind turning 50. I’ve learned a lot in my years, all of which make me a tolerable human I guess. I have my good and bad moments but hope there’s more of the former moving forward. Being the best version of me is my aim.

Old stuff rules...And that means me too! 🙂

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Lol, I’ll have to work on the overalls 🤪

And the rest, I totally agree with ❤️

Yeah, knowing you you'll rock dem overalls like a boss-lady!

I always like to think of some of the stories that went on when there were living souls in old abandoned places.

In the UK, when I've been in some of the rural places on countryside walks (or even coastal walks), you come across old ruins that were real hubs of activity. Tin mines being one of them. I guess in the USA, mining and all the railroad out houses are similar with their Ghost Town appeal.

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Oh man yes, such stories surround these places and find it so fascinating.

When I was in Serbia the Kalemegdan fortress drew me in for the same reasons.. there is just something so stunning about those ruins and thinking about the lives that happened there.

We do have many ghost towns due to the gold rush, railroads etc here in the US, and many like this one of old farm/ranch houses where the families just moved closer to town or built elsewhere. Leaving such a story behind.

I really enjoy getting the chance to explore them as well as learning more about them.

Thanks so much!

I'm trying to remember the places I went to, I think Cody rings a bell but that's turned in to a bit of a tourist trap with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I love those wild west stories, we get quite a lot of them (overly dramatised of course) on the History channel over here. They are so dramatic in the programme you actually feel like you were there yourself!

Once I have gone through my Australia and New Zealand travel adventure (which may be a while yet), I'll go back through my notes when I was at one ghost/mining town in Colorado. Pretty surreal birthday that one in 2014! The group I was travelling with got me a pink cowboy hat with a cap gun that I had to wear with the outrageous t-shirts we wore... sorry, massively sidetracked!

If you haven't been already, you might want to check out Jefferson on the eastern part of Texas. They do a ghost tour there and the walking tour guide is really good. My friend who lives there told me of a few stories she experienced and I thought something paranormal was going on in my room as well (apart from my own awesome presence that is haha!)

Haha yeah I lived near Deadwood for a bit and they really hype up the Wild West stories, including hourly reenactments.. but hey, the tourists love it I guess haha.

Pink cowboy hats in Colorado!?! Lol looking forward to those posts! 😂

I haven’t been to eastern Texas but will have to put it on my list. The paranormal stuff totally freaks me out, but I am intrigued by the history surrounding it and hearing the stories etc.

Hey, I definitely loved it! Wonder what some of those hardy people would have to say about the world today...

Oh dear... maybe I shouldn't have said that haha! Going to have to include that picture now... I'll try to remember and tag you but it may be a while before I get around to it yet!

I have to admit, I was a little bit spooked when I was there and we went on this ghost walk. The mind has an incredible ability to play games with you, especially once you hear stories and the like! Texas is a pretty wild place, but they know how to do ribs out there (if you're a meat eater), my goodness! There's a lot of history (what Americans consider history anyway :P ) in that state so if you are heading out that way, can give you some pointers!

Those photos are all stunning.
That place has not been abandoned. Someone is cleaning it and has made it a favorite place to set a spell.
I imagine an old woman whose great-grandmother lived there.
Very very cool place.

Ohhh that is an interesting story to go along with the photos. Love it 😍

Great shots! < (I think that is a Star Trek quote)

Love the use of light in them, but I think my favourite is the lamp shot through the window.

Great Scott’s!! 🖖🏼

Thanks friend ☺️ I may actually print some of these.. they would fit my design for my kitchen... if it’s ever done

The lamp shot really caught me.. so many textures and colors happening. Thank you ❤️

Would be great to have self-shot images around the house to personalize it.

Will your kitchen have running water? ;D

Yes, I’ve never printed any of my own but have a favorites folder that I hope to showcase some of when it’s done.. plus some of my other favorite Steem photographers perhaps, with their permission of course 😉

Will your kitchen have running water?

Why? That’s just silly.. just go fetch it from the spring yo. 🤪

I know what you mean about grandma's prized possessions. I still use her hair pin to hold up my hair. And a chest that she bought with her when she got married to my grandpa has travelled from Hong Kong to UK to Taiwan woth me.

Great photos, a bit like walking back in time

Gosh I love those stories so much! So many people take for granted those small things that not only carry so much Love, but our history and family heritage. So glad you are carrying them on as well ❤️

Thank you 🙏

Exploring abandoned buildings is super fun. Love these! The big bottles with light spilling in on them are particularly cool

It’s so much fun! Thank you! Yeah I have a weakness for when sunlight hits glass like that.. feels so magical.

Needs moar banjo

Everything is better with banjo.. sadly I didn’t run into any old hillbillies playing banjo in the woods 🤷‍♀️

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The only difference between you and a professional photographer is publication. Your images are amazing... :)

Awe thanks! I’m very much an amateur just learning the trade, but I think it’s important to share even if that’s the case and I hope other amateurs will do the same.

Thank you!

It's like old stuffs have more personality and character.

Totally agree.

You have done a great work. Your photography is also very nice.

You have done a great
Work. Your photography is
Also very nice.

                 - impressions

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@justineh nice photos, if walls could talk, what tells they would tell.

Oh man, can you image the stories and lessons they could share?

Thank you!

@justineh I bet the old washer still works. To go back to the days of old, awesome..The people who lived there would not understand the today's world.

We still use a 1950's washing machine to clean the rags at my Dad's shop in Indiana. The thing still works like a charm, and the Amish control the spare parts industry for those things.

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I just had to further comment on this -- this takes me back to the days when we all lived in Russia. My dad worked for Nuclear Electric and they had a team of them over. We used to go barbecuing up in the Ural mountains and this is the kind of thing we'd come across.

Also, we have a lamp just like that downstairs!! lol

This house looks very old, but the scenery next to it looks very good, it is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a place for people who create art to look for inspiration, return to the heart of people.

so moody, sometimes when I see old abandoned things it gives me the blues, somehow I think they are haunted by the longing to be "used" I swear that armchair would be happy to have someone cuddled and reading on it

Many of these scenes are stunning.
That place was not canceled. Someone is cleaning it and making it a favorite place to set the spell.
I imagine an old woman whose grandmother lived there.
Very nice place .This place is very nice to me, and I hope everyone

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