A Walk Among the Clouds - Mt. Washington, the Tallest Peak in the Northeastern U.S.

in photography •  last year

6,288 feet. With some of the world's harshest weather, Mt. Washington is known throughout the world as an extreme environment. Atop the mountain, amongst the mixture of summer visitors, you'll find buildings braced for the hurricane-force winds that swarm the mountain more than 100 days every year -Buildings chained to the ground, resisting winds as high as 231 miles per hour - a world record that stood from 1934 to 1996.

Yet despite the weather, against all the risks that the mountain faces, it is quite a beautiful place. Some days you'll look out from a thousand feet above the clouds, and other days you'll be walking within one. The 360 degree view is unmatched in New England, as Mt. Washington is not only the tallest mountain, it is the most prominent, with an unobstructed view in every direction.

I wish these photos were taken on a clearer day, but there aren't many of those atop this mountain. Still, I think you'll get a sense for what a spectacular place it really is.

Shot with LGV20, 29mm f/1.8 (16 mp) and 12mm f/2.4 (8mp) wide angle. No editing.









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Very cool Justin. You make me want to hike a mountain....Wait I think that's my plan this weekend. hmmmmm. Well written article too by the way!


Thanks Daniel, glad you checked it out! What mountain are you thinking of climbing? It'd be odd to see you making a post of an exploration within the continental U.S.!


I know right! It's friggen weird even being here!

I'm going to Watkins Glenn camping for the next three days, I got an invite from my cousin along with like a dozen of her friends. So not really hiking a mountain, per say but hiking through a unique river basin or something. I'm not really sure. I must have been taking a little creative writing liberties in my response! lol. Always good to check in with you after our initial Minnow showdown! lol

Keep up the good work!


You, too! I expect to see some pictures of said river basin.... or mountaintop, or whatever you turn that into next. ;) Take care!


Thanks buddy. I'll be photo ready!

Nice series.


I appreciate it.

Nice pictures, I'm following you now.


Glad you liked them!

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