People of Mallorca take the streets

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Everything started near 30 years ago, went the Catalans politics with the central government changed the original language of mallorquín people to catalán losing the Balearic language and started the adoctrination in the schools


The mallorquín people been targeted by the Catalans from the last 30 years and now the mallorquín people is pest of , can not get any more


The funny thing is the Catalans are asking for independence and one of the reasons is because the central government always been bullying the Catalans but no body talk about what the Catalans are doing to the people of Balearic Islands


For the Balearic people are taking the streets is because are really pest of because the mallorquina are very very ley back reality we don't do that we are happy quite, with a beer o some tapas


Is time to show to the world how are the Catalans fascist politics




I experienced the same on Ibiza. Sad to see the old place names and signs changing to Catalan - extremely insensitive, not valuing the local peoples language, culture and wishes!

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power to the people!

Thanks @icedrum , the Catalans politics are very good to show like de good ones

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