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Black and white photography is exciting, and for me in particular, it is even more so in street photography. Black and white photography, not having the natural attraction of colors, makes the photographer make a greater effort to get the attention of viewers.

When we do black and white photography, elements such as composition, framing, textures and characters are highly relevant compared to color photography. If we can not harmonize all these elements in our photographic work, our photographs will go unnoticed or they will be no more than a dull gray spot.

Black and white photography, in the absence of color, has its own bright and beautiful light.

In my photographic work, I've been looking for that light for several years, I still need to work a lot, but I can see in them, in my photos, a small ray of light which gives me enough energy to keep working. Today I want to share with you all some images that are part of my search for the light of black and white photography. I hope that you, like me, can see that little ray of light that keeps me believing in my work.

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These photos are amazing. I love monochrome photos so every time I see black and white shots, I check them. And yours are among the best I've seen so far on Steemit.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment.

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