Art and Photography: Toro, a Porch for the Majesty

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Art and its mysteries have always been a cause of fascination and at the same time of overcoming.

When talking about Art and especially that artistic style that was considered, in the High and Low Middle Ages as the Art that best defined Christianity, the Romanesque, you have to try to expand your mind and think, that after all, the churches and cathedrals, with the fantasy of their representations, constituted the open books of which the plain people read.
Because of their magnificence, their perfection and their colorful singularity, there were places that highlighted this work even more, and in their wonderful meticulousness the medieval stonemasons, generally anonymous, not only worked for posterity episodes of canonical idiosyncrasy based on the Holy Scriptures, but also, authentic anthropological essays, which show us, on many occasions, the uses and customs of an era, which many consider dark.
It is assumed that this wonderful portico of the Collegiate Church of Santa María, located in the interesting Zamora town of Toro, was elaborated in 1230, probably being quarrymen of frank origin and itinerant on the Camino de Santiago, those who got down to the work to give us this original and extraordinary work, in whose details, the quantity and perfection of the characters represented in it stand out.
Whether they are New Testament scenes or secular representations, it is worth mentioning, the formidable ability of the stonecutters who worked in its execution, to represent characters that do not lack any detail and that, as actors in an extraordinary scenario, perfectly represent some roles Default beforehand.
In short, an authentic gourmet dish, metaphorically speaking, whose contemplation can become a true experience for the senses.

NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.


incredible detailing in there wow

A marvelous piece of Art, friend. Thanks for your comment

Thank-you very much

It's a pleasure! ;-)

Menos mal y eso que no tienes asteriscos

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