Lake Day - When The Sunshines #262

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That's a beautiful sight to see isn't it? I used a background that really didn't match the foreground photo just to see if i could do it. You can see the trees doesn't match but sets in well enough. You can see the sky and fog that I had to color match and change, it doesn't really show but the small details slowed me to set the trees and match to the water better. I created the trees using another photo so I randomly put trees in places I thought would fit best I'll have to do a how to for that also.

I changed the tree line to different kind of trees, I changed the beach area that's really a field but looks good. I did a lot of color changes in deep levels I will have to do a how to later on that shows you how to change just one color at a time.

Lets invert it so that only the white shows the land area and the black is transparent on top.
2018-06-20 16_49_17.jpg

Lets clean up using the paint brush and fill in the two areas so its just white on top and black on bottom.
2018-06-20 16_45_55.jpg

Now lets use the Threshold so we can easily separate the two parts from each other.
2018-06-20 16_44_16.jpg

Lets use the Mono Mixer to turn it black and white
2018-06-20 16_43_16.jpg

Using shadows to separate the sky from the tree line.
2018-06-20 16_41_47.jpg

Original Photo

CameraNexus 6
SoftwareGimp 2
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