BW Color - Tides Wharf Restaurant #163

in photography •  last year 

You have seen me post pictures of Bodega, this one I did black and white with color. That is a good place to eat if you ever get the chance make it apart of your trip should you be in this area. I want to go back at some point and just kick back on the beach. The last trip we where in a bit of a rush but fun however i didn't get to just kick back in the sand on a towel listing to some tunes while drinking my favorite drink maybe having a small BBQ cooking up something good!

This took a lot of work layers on layers to merge them in correctly so that it looks normal and apart of the big picture. I still have so much more to learn and thats why make it so much fun!

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Hey thanks @artizm so cool of you :)

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:) haha. I love it.

Thanks @artizm It was fun doing it!

Congratulations @jonbit!
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Good job... I’ll try to do the same: playing with colors is always funny, isn’t it? ;)

Yes it is, I think i should of done something with the sky to bring in more details for the bw part of it. I also notice the off balance of the blue light i need to tone down some how. I might make that another project later to add in the sky layer.