Macro: Honeybee on Wildflower / Honigbiene auf Wildblume

in photography •  2 months ago 

I do not know why this flower is called Field-Widow-Flower (Knautia arvensis) in German. Unfortunately, I did not even know that there is the flower genus Widow flowers (Knautia) at all ;)
The English this Flower is known as Field Scabious.

Warum diese Blume in Acker-Witwenblume (Knautia arvensis) heißt, weiß ich nicht. Ich wusste leider nicht mal, dass es die Blumengattung Witwenblumen (Knautia) überhaupt gibt ;)

Honeybee / Honigbiene
Apiformes, Anthophila

❖ click for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM

But the most important thing about these photos is the bee, because it's been a while since I've posted a bee photo - I think at least a week ;)

Aber das Wichtigste an diesen Fotos ist die Biene, denn es ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich ein Bienenfoto gepostet habe - ich glaube mindestens eine Woche ;)

❖ click for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM

Although it was still pretty early in the morning and not really warm, this little honey collector was already awake and has diligently collected pollen.

Obwohl es noch ziemlich früh am Morgen und noch nicht wirklich warm gewesen ist, war diese kleine Honigsammlerin bereits munter und hat fleißig Blütenstaubgesammelt.

❖ click for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM


Location / Standort: My location on Google Maps
Western honey bee
Field Scabious - Knautia arvensis
Westliche Honigbiene
Witwenblumen - Knautia

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
#originalcontent #originalworks #deutsch #austria #steemit-austria

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Thank you very much for resteeming my post, dear @pixresteemer 😊

wieder schöne bilder @johannpiber. And it was a long week without a bee shot from you.😜

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Bedankt voor de leuke reactie, @tijntje 😊
If you post too many of the same photos, people might get bored, although I wouldn't get bored of bee photos, I think, and I could post sometimes a bumblebee in between 😉

You are welcome. Indeed not to many same subject posts in a row, that's why I switch between our cats😁. And I must say a bumblebee up close is also a great sighting.

😉 you can do this, when you have more than one cat - we have only one, and this old guy does not often want to get photographed ;)
Have a nice evening, @tijntje 😊

Haha indeed you need two cats for my solution, and lucky for me our ladies are quite the models. But it's no punishment watching at your macro insect shots (no still not)😁

You're lucky with your kitties. Our old cat opens his eyes only when he wants something to eat or when he changes his sleeping place ;)
Wait a few weeks, because there will be more macros soon ;)

And have a great evening @johannpiber


The wild flower is very gorgeous with lovely color! The honeybee is very magnificent. Great capture!

I think, the honey bee is very diligent in collecting the pollen in the early morning as well as you who woke up and took these beautiful photos in the early morning for us.... ;)

I love to get up as early as possible, and I think, so do the bees ;)
In the mornings the insects seem all to be still al little bit tired and act very slow. That's good for us photographers, because it gives us more time to think and shoot :)))
Thank you so much for your nice words, @tangmo, have a nice day and a great weekend 😊

You're welcome!

It's great that you love to get up as early as possible!

Have a wonderful weekend, too! ;)



Tolle Aufnahme sieht wirklich super aus, wie die Biene am arbeiten ist :)

Ich danke dir vielmals, dass dir die Fotos gefallen und für deinen netten Kommentar, @yeaho 😊

Bienen und Hummeln sind meine absoluten Lieblingsinsekten - schon deshalb, weil mein Schwiegervater Imker war und Bienen einfach zum Leben gehörten ;)

Ja diese Tiere sind sehr wichtig für das Umweltsystem😊 wir haben vor einigen Monaten mit @Schlees extra eine kleine Wiese mit Blumen für die Tiere angelegt. Sehr gut, dass du dieses Ziel verfolgst. Leider wird dieser Beruf immer weniger ausgeübt... :(

Sorry, da hast du mich falsch verstanden, denn ich will kein Imker werden, sondern mein Schwiegervater ist Imker gewesen - ich hätte auch nicht die Zeit oder den Platz für die Imkerei.
Aber es stimmt schon, die Bienen gehören zu den wichtigsten Insekten und die Wiese, die ihr angelegt habt, war eine super Idee.

Hehe kein Problem, ich meinte, dass es schön ist das du dich mit den Bienen auskennst und es zu schätzen weist (dank deinem Schwiegervater) und das diese Tiere wichtig für die Umwelt sind. 😊

OK 😉

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Thank you for adding my little honeybee to the Steemit Worldmap, @steemitworldmap 😊

I really like these ones. I’m a fan of bee pictures and these ones are great. 👍🏻🙂🐝

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Thank you so much, @saboin :)
Bees are my favorite insects ... bees and bumblebees, and always when I am photographing flowers I hope, that a bee flies by ;)

Those are beautiful flowers and awesome shots of the Bee :)
I think for me the Widow name sounds better than scabbious as I was thinking of mange of scabby, but then I looked up the work

a plant of the teasel family, with pink, white, or (most commonly) blue pincushion-shaped flowers.

affected with mange; scabby.
and the first definition makes sense for these beautiful flowers

Google had to translate these words for me - I would prefer the Widow as name ;)

Thank you, that you like my favorite insect, the bee :)))

I have photographed some bees on sunflowers today, but I don't know yet, how the photos came out. The more I shoot macros, the more I like it, and I think, I will shoot more landscapes in Autumn.

I do love taking macros, I took a few today on a second alk, but the wind was up which made it a real challenge not sure if I got any good shots

I feel with you and I hate wind - there were a few nice butterflies today, which didn't fly away, but because of the wind nearly all of my photos were for the bin.

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Howdy sir johannpiber! Very good, and did you use your macro lense or did you just get like an inch away from it?

Thank you so much @janton 😊
I would say, both are correct - I used my macro lens and I have been very close ;)

Very interesting sir johannpiber! Bees don't mind you watching them and photographing them!

No, @janton, they don't mind very much, because they are so busy, but they are very fast doing their work, and this is, why they are not so very easy to photograph ;)

Yes, it's very important work that they do isn't it? So you have to be careful not to disturb them!

I love bees and bumblebees, and I even like the wasps, but not as much as the bees ;) I would never disturb a working bee :)

Great shot. Photographs is excellent. And the signature I like that. Which tool do you use for this beautiful artistic signature. Can you please share the name of this software.

Good morning, and thank you so much for this nice comment.
The tool is my hand in connection with a Wacom pen and graphics tablet. The software is Photoshop 😊

Its soo nice.

OK, thank you :)