Niagara Falls - Ontario, Canada.

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Yes, the Canadian side is so much better!

I heard Niagara falls is the most visited place in the world! I could be wrong..but ill let you look into that. But im sure its sitting within the top 5 for sure! Living in Vancouver for most of my life, its not that often I get the chance to go see the other side of this wonderful country. I've explored a lot of the other side of the world, more than I have of where I live. It was definitely cool to finally see niagara falls through my lens.. I mean my own eyes. One mark off my list!

When you get there, take a moment and quiet yourself when you look at the falls. It's quite the audio/visual experience when you let is sink in.



Thanks for giving this post a look guys!


All images were shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV with a 17-40mm f4L

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Niagra Falls...

Slowly I turned... Step by step... Inch by inch... ;-)