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in photography •  17 days ago

Andouille sausage, chicken wings, smoked pineapple and vegetables are on the menu today. I am smoking my food using Mesquite wood chips in my electric smoker.


I am also smoking some vegetables that I put on skewers in the smoker. I started to grill the vegetables but that would just mean more work for me.


I had grilled pineapple at a friend's house that was so good! I am going to try my luck with fresh pineapple, sweet onions, bell pepper and yellow potatoes in the smoker. I had to take the skewers off of my shish kebab apparatus because it would not fit in the smoker.


I decided to use Mesquite wood even though I really like the flavor of apple wood too. I had a choice among apple, maple, hickory and mesquite. I usually use hickory chips to smoke beef like a brisket.


I set the temperature at 275 degrees F and the timer on 3 hours. I'll check on it periodically to see if I need to add some more wood chips or additional time to the smoker.

You won't get a chance to see the final food unless I remember to take pictures before we eat. We ate the vegetables while we waited for the meat to get ready.


Bob Appetit!


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The smoker, although it takes a long time to prepare, is worth it. The taste is delicious. Thank you for sharing

I am sure that it is very tasty. Thank you for sharing @jluvs2fly

Looking at the photo, I smell the smoking-room. Very appetizing. Thank you for sharing

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Oh my goodness @jluvs2fly, it all looks so good. I can almost smell the smoke.