Russia is expanding the presence of the Navy in the coast of Syria

in photography •  3 months ago

Russia is expanding its naval presence on the Mediterranean Sea in front of an upcoming military operation against extremist groups in the northwestern city of Idlib. As part of this, Russia is sending some warships to the Mediterranean Sea.


Russia's Komswaran newspaper quoted an unnamed source as saying that Moscow has sent two warships and anti-aircraft missiles in front of the Eidolib expedition earlier this month.

On Monday, the press section of the Russian Ministry of Defense said that two frigates have been sent from the navigator of the Black Sea to strengthen the military power in the Mediterranean. When America is preparing to launch a new military attack in Syria, it is reported that Russia is sending the warship.

Russian magazine Izhvistia said there are currently 10 warships and two submarines in Syria's Panasima. This is the biggest presence of Russia's military power in Syria's watershed since it was engaged in the war in Syria in 2015.

According to the newspaper, Russia will send some more warships.

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