Why Would Anyone Want Drugs When You Can Have This...?

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photo taken on the spring of 2014

I used to own a yoga studio in the tropical southeast of Mexico, people would leave their shoes (mostly flipflops) outside the studio, and it was very often that students would leave after class, only to come back a few minutes to days later asking where are their shoes, as they would easily put on other person's flipflops without noticing they weren't theirs. And this my friends can be the side effects of the post-yoga bliss.

My friend Lorena used to say "From Drugi to Yogi there is only one step" and that is because people that like feeling high on drugs, would find it fascinating to feel high with a practice. It means: the high is free and in fact offers a lot of benefits.

photo taken on the winter of 2015

The best part of it, you don't need to be an expert to experience benefits, you don't even have to look pretty doing the postures (because as I hope you know, yoga is so much more than physical poses).

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Good post. I always wanted to know ( prepare yourself for a silly question ) is yoga a girl thing? Will it be akward for a boy to practice it? :))

haha!! Yoga is not a girl thing... it looks like it is in the western world, but in fact Yoga was exclusively for men only until the last century. In fact female yoga practitioners would practice very provately in the past. And Yoga is just a word, but I believe that some people practice yoga and they don't even know that thet' what they are doing. ;) Hope I answered your question+

Nice pictures, I'm following you now.

Hwllo! I really like tour post on thai food. Yummm

Imagine doing Yoga while ON drugs! like cannabis and pyschedelics well actualy Most peopel doing yoga are high ayay ...it helps as a painreliever to allow you to stretch longer

Good question! I'd personally much rather "be in my body" than strung out on artificial chemicals... I don't do yoga, but I do do some Tai Chi which is also about movement and form.