Тhe glow of love lightning

in #photography3 years ago

The glow of lightning love nourishes our fantasy and our desires are great in shadows lit by radiance! Far from the marsh of mad toads, away from hunger, scaly carp we are opposed to wildlife with a great and marvelous civilization! And we want everything to be accurate and love brings us the wonderful insights! We bless the honey of the souls and our hearts glow with sparks! We are humming in star celebrations! The song transforms our world! Our preconceptions, fly with the flame of kisses! Our wishes are tigers surprised, elixirs of fire primal! The flowers are fresh to our charm bloom in loving love! We dance like white swans with the Beatles and with Purple sparkle! With our thighs, we dance tightly in summer and colorful wondrous is the rainbow! The hearts like squirrels rise high! Our hugs are in love, shivering and free! We are in love as green sunrises and attract with wild romance! Word, Feelings, and Time rumored with sublime magic! We interweave our open arms and we speak with voices of light! Heaven and Earth are overflowing in the homeland of love beautiful! Among the spaciousness of the evening white butterflies bright, colorful approach! Will the Night flourish with its chances, will carry Eternity of wonderful seasons, he will stroke the stars with dense hands with blazing gusts on his fingers! Our ecstasis will shine brilliantly, smiles will bloom with charm! Thanks to happiness in Time, which brings us a cosmic song!

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