Sunday Stroll Thru The Snow

in photography •  14 days ago


Hello Steemaliens

I hope you are now defrosting from last weeks sub zero temperatures and artic winds a little as well. I ventured off on a walk as its almost 30 degrees now and feels like spring haha.


These are some captures I took of the snow melting and running off the mountain. The dead plant life mixed in great with the lively water and dead cold snow and ice on the rocks showed winter at its finest. The green grass was the most intriguing part for me as it shows the most life with its vibrant green colors. Captured on my iPhone7.


Until next time.... Steem On :)


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Gorgeous shots isnt it funny how we adjust to the weather at the start of Winter 30 Seems so cold now it feels nice :)


Yes although I refuse to fully adapt and still run south sometimes. Thank you & Steem On :)


Funny thing is even though I complain about the cold and think about running South I know when we move next it will still be in an area that has good winters, good as in cold and snow LOL

Yes defrosting so fast, it is impossible to keep the car or windshield clean!


Yes most definitely mud weather!

Nice snow melting and it is reality of nature in winter.


Yes it is!
Steem on :)