Deranged Photography Contest - "Action" at The Safe House

in photography •  19 days ago 

I missed my chance last week to enter the contest by @derangedvisions but I knew I had a little something for this weeks "Action" round.

This was taken wayyy back in 2009!! I think it was our second digital camera and it had this awesome 'Black and White' setting that could be used on full auto!! It was awesome at the time but now all I have of this awesome punk show are black and white jpegs, but hey ya work with what you know right?


Nikon D40 and Kit 18-55 -- 1.3 second exposure

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Great image. Great energy.
I love the time blur which comes from messing with opacity, through motion or double exposure.
Right on.


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Great photo. Love the dimension.
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Very nice action photo.

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