Amanda on Wall Street (B&W Photo Gallery) Monomad

On a fall day in New York City, my friend, Amanda, and I met up for location scouting. And of course I brought my camera and took some shots of her as we walked along the Wall Street area of New York City.
I just found out about the various communities on Peakd and came across the Black and White photography community. And along with that the #Monomad challenge and figured and share some of work with the community... Hope y'all enjoy!
Amanda & I ended up shooting a video this day as well which I'll share in the near future. It was really just us messing around, her dancing as usual and me behind the camera trying to keep up.
I haven't had the chance to connect with the dance community here but here's hoping I do! I miss working with performance artists that know how to move their body! I have to find a way to connect with them. One day.
Anyways here are the tech specs: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Konica Hexanon 40mm & Konica Hexanon 52mm

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