Rimouski Waterfront, 🇨🇦

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After a few weeks of rather intense work, we finally have a well deserved one week break. My activity on steemit suffered much because of extra hours of work, but I am not going to complain as they are paid (and given how steem is faring, it's financially waaaay more rewarding 😅)
Even then, I still like to read @jessicaoutside latest adventures, and @slobberchops latest hikes and musical forays, and the best of what the French community produces on steemit... And keep my voting power below 100%!

On the road to the Gaspésie region, we stopped in Rimouski, a town bordering the St Laurent river. We've never been this side of the Quebec province, and we've seen quite beautiful scenery on our way so far. Also, although it was hot, it was a few degrees less hot than in Quebec City, and much less humidity. Very enjoyable weather that I hope we will have the whole week.

These three pictures were taken more or less in the same spot in Rimouski. I love the last one, taken much later in the evening, the colors were really beautiful. Too bad I can't share the salty light wind that came from the river/sea!

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Fantastic! Enjoy your well deserved break my friend. It's a beautiful part of the world.
And thanks for the mention. Really appreciate it 🙏

Thank you my friend, it's always a pleasure to promote your work! I loved your throwback travelfeed of Ontario! 🍻

Ah cheers dude. Glad people are still reading them haha...!

Have a safe and beautiful travel!
Ever been to Charlevoix in QC?😊
Came back from there recently and it is probs the most beautiful place I've ever seen in the province!

Hey there! Thank you, so far our trip to the Gaspé peninsula has been awesome!
We've been quite a few times to Baie Saint Paul to visit, and Tadoussac to see whales. But it seems like we totally missed descending the Rivière du Gouffre, because your picture is from there, right?
If so, then you just made me look at Katabatik prices for renting a kayak to descend the river. I really hope we can do that while the weather is still so good!
Thanks for the comment, the pic, and the upvote! 🍻

Awww wow that is so cool!!😍
I have actually been myself to Tadoussac to see the whales and I was just at Baie Saint Paul this summer!:)🌄🐳💙
Actually, this picture was taken in The National Parc Des Hautes-Gorges in Saint-Aimé- des- Lacs,
You have to go if you have never been😉

So happy to hear that!
The pleasure is mine!
Enjoy the rest of your vacay!
We have been lucky with the very hot weather this summer !!🌞🌡

Thanks very much!
I never heard of this park either; from the google pictures it really looks amazing. Another item to add to the list then, thank you!

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