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in photography •  11 months ago 


In hot summer some soothing time in waterfall.

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Lovely brother...thats what we all want now



Wao.. What a beautiful Waterfall is this... What is the name of this place.. I want to go there.


Lakahaniya dari 55 km away from varanasi.

beautiful nature


Yes brother, our nature is so beautiful.

Most beautiful place it


We all love our nature...😊😊

Nature is beautiful


Totally agree.

Wow..Nice post!😍


Thank you....😇😇

Waterfall is so soothing to see at. which is this place?


This place is near from varanasi.

@jaossaurabh nice place bro, which place is this


Near varanasi bro.




Good information dude ....keep sharing and make steemit like Google



Lovely nature. And very good photography..


Thanks bhai..

Nice bro



did you took this pic @jaissaurabh


Yes brother...😃

Nice information. ...
Keep sharing. ..


Yes brother

Bro @aissaurabh its very dreamy place i like that


Correct bro...