Take the Most Beautiful Nature Photos Ever ~40~

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If not absolutely shy or camera scare, more than everyone likes to take pictures. But taking pictures of many people is quite a favorite, but do not let your picture look beautiful and stop taking photographs. But the pictures do not come beautiful, but the camera is not blame. The problem is yours.
No, here you are not saying anything beautiful and ugly, the picture is beautiful, there are some excuses. You have to know how to look at slim, if you have a facial expression, you will find it more attractive. And it will be beautiful in this picture. Let's learn today Let's learn something beautiful in the picture.

  1. Close the eyes in the film? So do one thing. Keep the eyes closed. Open the camera with the click of the camera. You will see that the eyes will not be closed in the picture.

  2. The lower part of face in the film is quite heavy. Many are seen in the fold. To overcome this problem, give a little bit of front face. In this, there will be a slight tension in the throat and lower part of the face and in the film, the bottom part of the face will not look heavy.

  3. Does the face become more smiling when taking photos? Smile in such a way that the tongue can not be seen. This will make the smile normal and natural.

  4. Look at your eyebrows. Only the role of eyebrows is very beautiful. Find out how to have eyebrows if you look beautiful. Take the girls eyebrow well. This will make a proper drawing of the face and the picture will look beautiful.

  5. Often eye mood comes in white type. To solve this problem, take a look at a little shining light before taking pictures. In this, the eye follicles get compressed, so there is no problem in whitening the mouth.

  6. When you stand in an angle, you look a little dry, look at the side of the side of the face better. If you follow these things, the picture will automatically be beautiful.

  7. Take a look at how well your picture was standing or how the faces were made in the picture that came the most beautiful and did the same as taking photographs. All the pictures in it will be beautiful

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