Some tips on taking beautiful photos on mobile

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There was a time when we did not have a camera on our mobile phone. At that time the only relocation of the photograph was the camera. But it was not so easily available. Later, because of the camera function on the mobile phone, the camera does not have to buy separately. However, taking photos as a profession is different. Nowadays, many people took photographs in the hobby. Someone loves to take pictures of nature, or any other animal or birds. Someone likes portraits and some others in the landscape. But they do not have enough time to do photography courses.
But in this age of the internet, so much headache? Now there are many online platforms, including YouTube, where you can easily learn various minor techniques of photography. Today you have a few simple strategies that will make your photos look even better. Let's know what the tricks are.

The biggest thing to take pictures is enough light

Actually that is it. The most urgent is enough light If there is enough light while taking photos, then your pictures will be very beautiful. Notice how the sun shines on the subject you choose for the photo. Notice how the reflections of different buildings come up. Practice taking photos at the 'golden time', some time after sunrise and some time before sunset, the moment is called golden time. Notice how your light flashes through your window.

Although smartphones do not have a great function of controlling the lighting, but the best moments you need to hold in the best function of your device.

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