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The subconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestion.

And I've been using that to my advantage lately. I really didn't want to run this morning. I did a pretty intense HIIT yesterday and I was feeling sore and stiff as I got out of bed...but then it occurred to me...that I FELT SORE AND STIFF GETTING OUT OF BED! :D I haven't felt that way in a while, because I had't been pushing myself or working towards any particular goal. Now that I'm in training mode for the half-marathon on Oct 21st, I'm actively welcoming feeling that soreness that's allowing me to feel each and every single thing I worked on yesterday. It increases my awareness of those muscles and allows me to connect my mind and body more. Knowing that running would help to loosen me up, I was able to convince myself to suit up and brave the wet, cool day outside. As always, it really wasn't that bad once I got out there and started to move.

But back to the subconscious... I've been experimenting the last few times I've gone for a run. I'm not following a specific training program for this half-marathon, but I did the last time I ran it so I know approximately what I should be aiming to run every week. Today I knew I should be doing at least 10 km, though my mind didn't like that number. Nevertheless, I just put that number out there, intentionally forgot about it, and just started running. I didn't look at my phone to see what distance I was at as I was running, and I ended up just enjoying the act of running and listening to a kick-ass podcast. I also stopped about a km away from home in coronation park to do some grounding and meditation by the beautiful trees.


I take my cues from their roots, and try to be barefoot as I do this to strengthen my connection with that powerful earth energy.


The end result was that I did 10.3 km, without even really being consciously aware that I was doing it. The power of the subconscious.


Knowing this and proving this to myself opens up many possibilities in my mind to harness this energy and put it to good use, building and creating what I want in this life.

Have you experienced the power of the subconscious mind? Are you actively harnessing it to create what you want in life?

Stay tuned ;)

Jackie O


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