Sunset view from the ocean by a volcanic mountain and a walk-through of a beautiful hotel

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One of the best times I ever had.

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. I recently had the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia for a few days with my family. The island is amazing and my experience there is quite inexplicable. It's a beautiful place. We were lucky enough to get our hotel rooms with ocean view. This was my first time stay in a room with an ocean-view. I had never seen such a clean ocean before. It's the first thing that strikes you if you haven't really seen an ocean that clean. It's definitely one of the best times I have ever had and I can only thank my family for making it happen.

In this post, I share pictures from the last two days of our stay in Bali. The post can be considered to be consisting of two major parts; one - a walk-through of the hotel with amazing landscape and two - a smooth scenic sail on the ocean on a sailboat to view the ultimate sunset by the volcanic mountain. It was amazing. It's one of those experiences where nature hits you so hard that you can't really describe it much in words even if you're a poet.

Ocean behind the roof


The observation deck


View from the room


View from the observation deck







View from the lobby




This is the second part of the post. The pictures below are from a different day and a different place. The pictures are shot while on a sailboat smoothly sailing on the ocean with the natural luminescence and whispery breeze. We hopped on the boat to view the sunset by a volcanic mountain that had erupted several decades ago. I hope you enjoy the sunset through the pictures.

The Volcanic Mountain


Floating on the ocean in a sailboat


Sailboat in action


Far far away?


Front view of the sailboat




Finally! Sunset from the ocean!


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Thank you :)


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Great photography work, @isteemit! I have just started following you for future posts! You are more than welcomed to check out mine as well ;)


Amazing pics!


Thank you, @torvermont :)

Wow what an experience. Did you use a drone for some of the shots? I hope to go there one day! Following you and hope you follow me too


No @errymil, no drones were used for any of the pictures. Thank you :)


Awesome shots


Thank you again :)

Great pictures! Upvoted and followed :)


Thanks a lot @mimilia :D

stunning photos, and I love watching sunsets, they're so beautiful.


Thank you @jznsamuel! They're so beautiful indeed :D

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Nice photos. Looks like a beautiful place!


Thanks a lot, @donkeypong! It was indeed a very beautiful place :D

Followed and upvoted my friend!!

Need to visit Bali someday


You'll could expect some good times :)


Very good shot..,,👍

Such beauty! Great photos! Following you!

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