More than my pet my girl: D

in #photography2 years ago

I know that I have been a little absent in my publications but I returned a little and wanted to show them a picture of my beautiful girl, the darling of my family yesterday was on birthday six and I am very happy because it really is the only that never bothers and is always to brighten my days, I hope you enjoy these images my friends :)

in this picture I was sleeping because I tell them that she sleeps with me haha, she gives me warmth when there is a lot of cold, many say it is bad to sleep with her by the hair and those things but thank God nothing has ever happened to me

Here after a thousand photo attempts I was able to capture this haha ​​where I really enjoy showing her the love I have for her :)


nice animal..and good photography..u r great.

thanks friend:)

your pet looks healthy , her bed is nice and lovely

Such a lovely devoted friend.