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Neoclassical and modern, the main trends in Athens architecture puzzle. It could be a reflection of a collective mindset. It could be... No more words for this photo. Sunday is a difficult day for me, always, and today things are more difficult because of elections in progress... One more existential problem added for this Sunday!


Well, I stop here, for now, I'm not prepared to go for accomplishing my duty as a citizen yet, I need to think a bit more, there are no clearly valuable options, all political values are so dumped lately that it becomes too complicated to choose and vote for somebody eventually...

This is just a recent photo not included in any collection and not for selling.

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👍 Stay tuned, and steemit on!!!

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It´s beautiful. Thanks.

I think the aliens would have given us better governance, but the Joe Average sent them back...😟

Yes, my friend @sabari18 yes, and again yes!!! This is the hidden part of the old secret story, and you really got the message!!! Of course, Joe Average, the legendary guard of the humanity's values, created since the chase of the obnoxious Alien collons, this forever present character supports the whole pyramidal structure defining the governance fundamentals. Joe Average is the main source of wealth for the top of the governance pyramid. Of course Aliens could provide a less stupid pattern of governance, they could impose a more efficient, less expensive, and very peaceful model of global governance. However, people on Earth are not enough mature for this kind of governance yet. The paradox is that at any historic moment people got the tool to be able to be essentially free, rejected without second thought the unusual brightness for the security of the usual darkness. Thousands of Alien colons, honorable scientists, and technicians were lost during these dark days (and nights except the full moon nights)... But, this is coming next... The Alien Exodus, a really fantastic story by @imealien Soon on air! Because, here we honor the right to be informed!
Thank you very much for your useful and informative comments!!! Have a nice and creative week. 😃🙏🥂👽

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thank you for the beautiful photo,have a good week

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@imealien, This building have dust colour essence naturally and it's awesome effect to watch. Stay blessed.

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