Alice in Walker's country

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I finally gathered my strength and decided to tell you about the next shooting from the last contest:

When the organizers run out of fantasy, they resort to the help of famous personalities, so in the Top Model we are with Rosa Inspired by Lindberg and with Natasha in Das we got the genius of fashion photography, the famous and incredible - Tim Walker. Based on one of the latest filming of Tim, together with singer Bjork and an extravagant German make-up artist Hangri. Here, Tim returns to his favorite colors, and also decides what he did not allow in his work earlier - make-up, which makes the model unrecognizable.

Although I like the work of Walker in general, this shot did not impress me, but nevertheless inspired. The task was rather contradictory, it was necessary not to copy everything exactly the same, but nevertheless create a continuation. Then I decided to use the main elements (flowers, islands) from the original shooting, and in the rest to add my own elements, with an easy reference to Alice in Wonderland, which incidentally the audience noticed.

A lot of effort and time was spent on preparation. I went all week to various shops in search of suitable flowers and small accessories (mushrooms, insects). Flying islands were made from yarn several days and nights in the literal sense, as well as large mushrooms. It's good that I was helped by Andrey, I alone would need much more time.

On the composition there were simply incredible plans: the islands had to surrealistically fly in the air, the model planned luminous wings, like [here] ( the dress needed complicate and much more. But sometimes, all the circumstances are against you ... During the preparation for the shooting, we learned that our favorable conditions for cooperation with the studio were canceled, which means that we only have an hour to shoot. We thought about other studios, but because this was closer, and the time was very limited, it was necessary to shoot in it. But this was the last time working in this studio. Also, for greater similarity, we made a make-up with colors. As a result, we did not have assistants on the shooting, although we foresaw such an opportunity, but we still did not have enough hands.

Of course, it is very unfortunate that everything turned out so, in my view all the works were definitely a nuisance and did not justify themselves completely. Perhaps because of this I made a mistake and I could not repeat Walker's style while processing, his pale shots, I made the photo more saturated, because of what we were given a low score. Although I now have beautiful islands and two large fungi, which I probably use in the future in a more interesting shot :)

Thank you for attention!


Your photographs are wonderful. I like them better than the ones that inspired you. The colours are gorgeous with fantastic (literally) composition.

This photographs are wonderful!!!!

beautiful pics

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