Ma'alaea Freight Trains - Short Video from the last Maui South Swell!

in photography •  last year

I don't know what was more fun, flying above Ma'alaea Freight Trains, or surfing the waves! This spot is known for having the fastest wave in the world!

Photos by Nick Thompson

Because the waves break off the Ma'alaea Harbor wall the wave reverberates and creates a back wave that looks like a Train Side Car. If you know what you are doing this Zone provides for a good launch! The photo above shows this wave. Check out the large image here!

Check out the Video below:

Check out Big Beach From that Day:
Below is a link to a short video of Makena. I added some audio from Nicky Romero for this short clip, thanks! Please be advised this video may not play in some countries, or not at all, if the video below does not work check it out at my facebook link below.

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amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic video/photography & nice experience shared. impressive work @honusurf

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"This spot is known for having the fastest wave in the world!" Wow I never knew it before! That's fantastic surfing experience then! Thank you very much for sharing with us!


@honusurf - Oh my goodness, it's a wonderful photography & video. Nice you decided to share them Sir <3

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The wave of the ocean is so amazing. Love it see these beautiful beach pics. Thanks for sharing.

beutiful sir

Awesome friend..😁😁

Hoe neuh @khairulmuammar, langkah laju keunoe


no internet acses in a few days.
the internet is very slow.

great post my friend

Nice to see these beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.