A visit to Lakelands park

in photography •  19 days ago 

So today I went out to get a few stuffs and on my way back, I decided to pass through lakelands' park for awhile. I ended up sitting there for awhile enjoying the surrounding and the cold air. I really needed time alone to just sit out there and relax a bit.
There isn't much to see in the park except for the river that cover the entire park and the lovely trees around and then the path that leads round the river and provides passage round the whole park.

I managed to take a few photos and you can find them below. I am not a photographer or an expert at photography but I just had to take a few today to mark my day at the Lakelands park.


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Thanks friend..
I will keep that in mind to use the tag..
This was taken at Lakelands park here in the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada.