Travel In The Shenyang Imperial Palace #3 沈阳故宫之旅 3

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Dear steemian friends:

Today I'd like to share with you the rest of the Shenyang Palace, they are Dazheng Hall, Ten Pavilion, and the West Palace. Dazheng Hall was the earliest and most important architecture of Shenyang Imperial Palace.

The Dazheng Palace and Ten Pavilion were built by emperor Nuerhachi, his father and grandfather were killed by the officialis at that time, so he decided to take revenge for them and launched the uprising. Soon he ruled the northern of China and established the capital in Shenyang for strategic reason.

Consequently it was constructed under the background of the history of that manchu was rising constantly and Ming Dynasty is transformed from rise to the decline. And then Nuerhachi built the Dazheng Hall and Ten pavilions in the center of old city(Shenyang). So this is the origin of the Shenyang Palace.

Now look at these places .
In the following, there are ten Pavilion on both sides of the road.



Walking into one of these pavilions, you will find that there are many quondam weapons and cultural relics being displayed in them. These were the places where the ministers handled official affairs.




I went on and saw The Dazheng Hall in the front.It was constructed after Nuerhachi moved the capital to Shenyang, and was also called the "Grand Hall"before the Qing entered the Shanhai Pass. It served as the place where the emperor stayed in the ceremonies and where lords of the Eight Banners discussed politics issues.

Seen from the distance, it looks like Mongolian Yurts standing in the grassland. Yes, because they were come from the Mongolia grassland.


Officials of all government departments in Shenyang still saluted before the hall at important meetings and festival ceremonies; the emperors of the Qing Dynasty also held ceremonies and gave banquets in the hall when they visited SHENGJING.

The architectural structure and decorations integrate various ethnic features. Its integration with the Ten Pavilions all embodied the features of the Eight Banner System of the Manchu.



There are two yellow dragons spiraling up the pillar, and looks very imposing.



Dazheng Hall is the most important Palace in the Shenyang Palace and also is the most sacred and solemn place where emperors held ceremonies.The emperor Shunzhi ascended the throne in here.




Coming out of the eastern Palace, I came to the West. I prefer the West. Most of the West Palace was constructed by emperor Qianlong.

The Wensu Pavilion Archway 下面的小门就是皇帝的去文溯阁的专用通道

was the exclusive archway for Qing dynasty emperors to reach Wensu Pavilion, when they visited the east and stayed in Shengjing Imperial Palace.


The On-duty Room 值班房

served as the place where the emperors' retinues lived when the emperors visited the east.


The beautiful green building is Wensu Pavilion (文溯阁)

it was constructed in the Qianlong period, was one of the seven pavilions where the SiKu Quan Shu(the Complete library of Four Branches of Books) was kept. it was constructed in imitation of the Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province. There are two stories outside and three stories inside the pavilion. The name "Wensu " is derived rom a poem of the Zhou Dynasty which indicates that the emperor commemorated the hard work of his ancestors when they strived to laid a foundation to Qing Dynasty, which is compatible with the status of Shenyang as the "birthplace" of the Qing Dynasty.


There are exquisite patterns of crane on the ceiling. 上面有精美的仙鹤的图案


Green plant, red walls and glazed colored tiles make this place more beautiful!


This is The Xiangfeng Pavillion 翔凤阁

it is originally constructed to the north of the Chongzhen Hall, was reconstructed here in the 8th year of Qianlong period during the emperors visited Shenyang.
it served as the place where utensils used by the imperial court, calligraphies and paintings, and valuable articles were stored and displayed.




The Taiping Chariot 太平车

It was a special chariot to pick up Buddha Maidali from Falun Temple in Beita during the ritual of "tiaobuza" (a kind of ritual to dispel evil spirits)in Shisheng Temple of Shengjing in Qing Dynasty.


The Sedan Chair for the Emperor of Qing Dynasty 皇帝出行的轿子。

The dome on the top is octagonal and the one below is quadrate.

There are two windows on both sides. The curtain of the window made of blue gauze in summer and in winter were sealed with glass.


The following picture is The Opera Stage 下面图片就是戏台

was used for emperors to enjoy operas. The easten and westen side doors led to the dress-up and preparation rooms for the actors to come and go. Emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing once enjoyed operas here.

Speaking of opera, when I was a child, I used to watch the opera with my grandma in my hometown. Because I was very young, at that time I felt the stage was very high.

My grandma afraid that I was lost in the crowd, so she put me on the front of the stage, I sit there holding a pear. And I was always afraid of being stepped by the performers. Now there are many many programs on TV or internet, I think fewer and fewer peoples watch the opera unless in the theatre.

The opera stage looks not big but exquisite.


The following is The Jiayin Hall, served as the place where the emperors enjoyed operas and held banquets for princes,dukes and ministers when the emperors visited the east.It is five-room wide, with the northern gate leading to the Wensu Pavilion. The long corridors on the two sides are where princes, dukes and ministers sat when they enjoyed operas with the emperors.


The east strait corridor and The west strait corridor 东西长廊,大臣陪皇帝看戏的地方。夏天在故宫里逛逛也挺有趣的,再带点吃的,找个凉快地方可以呆一下午.





The Dress-up and Preparation House, served as the place where performers made up, dressed up and waited for performance.


I turned and came to The West Palace 西所:
It was the temporary imperial place of the emperors when they visitted shengjing.
it is so called because it is located to the west of the Chongzheng Hall. it includes the Diguang Hall, the baoji Palace, the Jisi House, the Chongmo Pavilion,etc.



This is The Diguang Hall 迪光殿

It was the place where the emperors handled state and military affairs when they visited the east and stayed in the Shengjing Imperial Palace.




The following red building is the West qijiang building:
It served as the store room where the imperial version of books and documents the imperial household office were stored.


OK, so here is the Imperial Palace in my eyes , do you like it here?




Every palace in here condensed with working people's wisdom and sweat. The Shenyang Imperial Palace is not only the ancient palace but also famous for its rich collection of precious things at home and abroad.
A lot of old royal court relics were displayed in the Palace, if you like it , I will share with you these things next time.

Thank you !




这边是后来乾隆时期增建的,是乾隆皇帝东巡盛京在此读书看戏和存放《四库全书》的场所。文塑阁这里是储藏《四库全书》的七阁之一。建筑仿宁波的天一阁,外面两层,里面三层。 文溯取自周朝一首诗“溯涧求本” 的意思,以符合沈阳为清朝的发祥地的地位。下面的是嘉荫堂
这是皇帝东巡盛京皇宫时看戏及宴赏王公大臣之处。它的北面有门与文溯阁相连,两侧长廊是王公大臣陪同皇帝看戏的地方。 迪光殿这里是皇帝东巡盛京驻跸期间处理国家军政要务之处。下面是戏台。它的南边有个有东西角门与办戏房相连,为演员出入之处。乾隆,嘉庆皇帝都曾经在此赏戏。说起看戏,我小时候也经常跟姥姥在老家看大戏。由于自己很小的缘故,那时候觉得戏台特别高。有一次我姥姥怕我在人群中挤丢了,就把我放到戏台前面靠边坐着,手里还拿着个大鸭梨吃。然后我就总怕唱戏的人一抬腿就把我踩着。现在电视,网络的节目特别多,看戏的似乎也很少了吧,估计也只能去剧院看了。下面是扮戏房,用今天的话说就是化妆间。演员化妆,换衣服,侯场的地方。西七间楼,这里是宫中存放殿版书籍和内务府档案之处。祥凤阁这是乾隆期间建立的,用于皇帝东巡盛京时作为收藏行宫御用器皿、书画、珍玩等陈设物品之所。


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