Photo story #1

in #photography13 days ago

I will be on holiday for 2 days from tomorrow, therefore see you guys back on saturday during my extra hour work.

Before that, let me share some photos that I took from my phone.


This look like a little cave in my eyes. What actually happened is quite funny and interesting for me. This is actually a place where a tiled wall was with a tissue roll dispenser stick to it. I don't know how it fell. Maybe the glue is not strong enough or it's time to fell had come or someone is too strong 😅😅😅


This is how it look.

A few more is a pictures of my pets that I think it's cute.

Sleeping thumberlina. I can't remember if I had share this before. 😅

This is one of our puppy. Always seeking for opportunities to sleep right besides us.

Well, that's all for now. See you guys again on Saturday. Hopefully, not to busy to write.




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