Photos From The Hoodoos Part 1 !!!

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Took so many awesome photos! It's a different world!! It is like a rock city of stone spirits!! You can feel the presence of these rocks all around you! The stones that are structure like seem to go on forever into the distance! Because there was so many good pictures I will split the posts of showing them.

They totally can seem like an alien landscape. Some kind of rock creature city.

I was able to hike all day!! Got some stories about the history of these sandstone structures from various points of the trek. Thinking I may tell some of them later. Tonight for the first part I think I want to post mainly pictures. It was nice and sunny during the day then it got cooler and a little cloudy. These pictures are from the cooler part of the day where we were just walking around checking out the stones respectfully.

I sure love all the shapes of these!! I like how it felt walking around like I was in a different world. Basically all this land used to be underwater so it has a underwater like vibe to it. Like the under the water world got dry and you can now walk around in that cool place!!

Found a desert rose out there in these badlands!! Nice flower

I love nature and hiking around while visiting historic and spiritual places. This is a very important area to The Blackfoot

I really love how it looks like some kind of city! Like someone or something lives there!

So yea had so much fun there!! There is also a fairly calm river that goes a long distance! May have to boat down there some time! Just love the scenery!!

There is just something about these stone spirits!! I still feel affected by them when I got home. It's in a really good way too!! Feel more grounded and protected. Also more lucid and aware.

These stones are really like wonderful works of art!!

This is the page where all these photos are where you can look at them in greater detail -

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