Simple and Easy Taco Plate

in photography •  4 months ago


A pretty self-explanatory plate of food going down today. We've got some wild rice with herbs in it, some baked sweet potato, some fresh lettuce, sauteed peppers and onions, mango salsa, guacamole, and corn with black beans. Oh, and some blue corn ships sprinkled all over for good measure. ;)

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Sweet potato looking so yummy. This food really makes me hungry..

Another great looking dish. I love youre food posts.

I don't eat drive-thru food regularly, yet I cherish tacos. I could compose prophetically about how consummate the taco is.


@babai1995 Haha, tacos are delicious.😀

WOW !! Dish looks awesome !! Feeling hungry.. This dish must sooo delicious.

wow your dish looking so nice and yammy and accourding to your discription this one is very healthy also. welldone

ho tengo ganas de comerme la foto rayos

Omg....this looks delicious ....

This looks delicious. I'm going to need to try this out!

there are many types of food as i'm seeing in the plate

Thank you, it looks very appetizing! Is not that supposed to be wrapped in a dough?

The plate looks just yummy can't describe my hunger today hahah :D

Represents well a seasonal transition from summer-to-fall ;) Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


@jessicapixie 😀 It's my pleasure!

Blue corn ships?? It is something, I don't know. Looks delicious!!

Looks like you go that photo off shutterstock! haha, just kidding. Top notch as always. Just got my plane tickets to Steemfest for my girlfriend and I, finally will meet the lovely Gringa!

Only 150 round trip for two from Kiev to Krakow and back! Travel Pro! lol


@world-travel-pro Oh, that's great news and I can't wait till we finally meet!😀

@gringalicious, I just got back and see you have some vegan happening here- did we convert you while I was away? 💓 This looks beautiful as always! I'm happy to see you're still here, feeding the Steemians your delicious creations! :)


Looks very appetizing! It doesn't have to have meat products to be a complete dish. Good job!

it looks soooo delicious and healthy !!