Gringalicious Thursday Things - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Happy Thursday again. So the flu season this year has been ridiculousness. Anyone else? I’ve been trying to pretend I didn’t have this annoying cold all week, but to be honest it’s got me feeling pretty crappy today. Also, the temperature here is supposed to reach the 50s, that’s so crazy for February here. I know I keep mentioning the warm weather but it’s just so unusual. Also, my nephew is turning 3 tomorrow. Wow, how come no one ever tells you how old these things make you feel? I’m not sure I feel old enough to be an aunt “Doh-Dee” to a 3-year-old.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (5).jpg

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the waffle photos. I used my Chai Spiced Buttermilk Waffles recipe and topped them with chocoalte syrup, pom arils, mangoes, and whipped cream.

Anyway, today’s Thursday Things ->

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (2).jpg

1.Valentine’s Day is now less than a week away so if you’re looking for some recipe inspo, this cake and this cake are both ones I’d suggest.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (3).jpg

  1. Okay, so I mentioned that my sister recommended that I start The Shanara Chronicles and now I’m totally hooked. I’m not far enough into it to know how highly I’d recommend it, but I’ll let you know if it stays as intriguing.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (4).jpg

  1. I’ve been having a moment with mangoes recently. I don’t know why, I guess I just hadn’t bought them in a while and I’d forgotten how delicious they can be when they’re at that perfectly ripe stage. This recipe is only the first of many that will probably be showing up on the blog soon.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (6).jpg

  1. You know those times when you find things you didn’t even know you needed? Well this is one of those times. Yep, top of the list right here. Uh huh.

  2. Haha, but in all seriousness I actually do need some new active shoes because my favorites are getting pretty threadbare so when I saw these I was like 😍😍😍 I just might have to place an order.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (7).jpg

  1. Okay, and this fail is just too epic not to make sure you’ve seen it. I mean, how often does your sister catch your brother-in-law on video with this kind of fail? It’s on Youtube.

  2. My San Diego trip is only days away now. I can’t wait and I’m still open to hear any specific must-sees from you guys. I’m also already thinking ahead about where we want to go on the next trip.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (8).jpg

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s official that the New Year’s resolutions for the gym have pretty much died by now because my last few times there have been getting steadily less crowded. Not gonna lie, I’m totally fine with that because it makes me crazy when there’s someone standing around waiting for me when the gym is a zoo.

  2. These last 2 things I’m pretty excited about. Firstly, I’m looking at designing a new logo for Gringalicious because I just feel like something fresh.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (10).jpg

  1. Okay, and this is a big one you guys, I’m shopping for my first car!!! Not sure yet which one but my criteria is that it has to be fairly economic on gas, have 4-wheel drive because # ->northidaholife, and have at least some utility space for whatever shenanigans I’m up to.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (9).jpg

Hope your day is going well and you’re starting some fun plans for the weekend.

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles (11).jpg


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent. Click on the link below for some great tutorials on how you can also succeed on the steem blockchain:

Master Toolkit: Steemit Resource Guide Illustrated by @sndbox

Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

Gringalicious Headerlast-4.jpg

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Do you want to learn more about me? Click here to see a recent @wadepaterson interview with me - 20 questions with @gringalicious

Thursday Things -Mango Chocolate Waffles..jpg


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Your breakfast looks delicious
You have a great day. Good for you
Thanks for sharing that with us.

dang... I'm gonna have to take advantage of a few of these recipes once my food poisoning disappears. Really good photos as always! Nice!

I look forward to seeing them @mus

Your food looks lovely,stated following you.

What a lovely looking breakfast!

Did I just read Chia Spiced Buttermilk Waffles! I'm not even gonna ask where you came up with that! But I want some! I love chia and buttermilk.

My grandfather used to make us buttermilk waffles when I was little. Now I eat Chia here in South America for the health benefits. For me it would be a like a combo of old and new.....and if I made them and they came out like yours! I'd be one happy Travel Pro!

Hope you are well and have a great day! -Dan

Glad to see you back to internet land. Back to the awesome commenting, you're a phenom.

Ha ha. Thanks Gringa :)

I am still suffering with the flu and have been mostly off line for 5 days now but trying to keep a post going daily .especially the popcontest which im on the fence about . So sorry i have not been replying much to anyone ! your waffles look great and best of luck on finding your new first car ! I have never in my life owned a new car and I have always drove since i was 16 , im now 54 !! lol! Its always been used cars I could never afford a new car , my current car is a 2000 pontiac grand am ! Although i need a 4x4 in the country ! You will have to show us which car you buy ! good luck !😀💕🚘

Hey Karen, sorry to hear of you flu, I know it is no fun. I have confidence that you'll be able to buy a new car in the near future, if you so choose. I believe steem will make it possible

Thanks !✌💕😷

Hi Karen! I recently posted about how to ease the flu...
I wish you a speedy recovery.

Thanks ! i will check it out im trying to mostly get plenty of rest and drink lots of liquids !😷✌

Thanks so much for linking back to those Chai Spiced Buttermilk Waffles, that is super helpful. Gorgeous photos as always

I'm so glad you liked it @mamaloves!

Amazing food photos @gringalicious, amazing!

That's so sweet as always @noboxes! Thanks

It looks delicious :) upvoted !!!

thanks so much for the upvote and comment

That looks crazy delicious. Now I know what I'm gonna make for the boys tomorrow morning. Thanks @gringalicious!!

awesome Doug! Take some pics, or better yet, make a post about it!

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@gringalicious Tori, I saw you're dad's food photo shoot. You better watch out for him, he's gonna be pretty stiff competition! 😉

That is funny. Well, let's just say, I'm not worried at this point, LOL

Your photography is wonderful and your presentation is beautiful! I am new to steemit and posted my first food post (whoohoo!) So thank you for posting work that is so inspiring!

Welcome to Steem @boxcar. I took a look at your food post and left a comment, you're off to a great start

What a wonderful breakfast! i wish i can eat.....

thanks so much for taking the time to comment @gomovies

What a wonderful breakfast!💐🌹🌷

Looking Very delicious. Beautiful photos. Happy Thursday. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading @pariza

Auntie at 3?..Too early ☺
yeah the weather is not normal, I'm living in Turkey for February and the air here is not normal at all..
By the way, the sweet recipes look very delicious again very beautiful @gringalicious :)

fantastic commenting, thanks so much!

Good artical you are too famous now in steemit so now help us to grow in steemit 😛😛

did you make this?

Wow....thumbs up.....looks scrumptious and tempting are really creative on food :)

thanks for the comment and welcome to steem @attiyaomer

They look amazing. Although they're making me sad now. Its near impossible to find really good waffles here in Ireland (its more an American thing). Last time I was in NY I had some of the best waffles ever so I may have to give these a try now and see how they compare ;)

so sorry for making you sad. tell me, what dish can I prepare that would make one in Ireland inspired? I hope to go to New York before 2018 is over, perhaps in the fall. Great commenting @davekavanagh, thanks so much for your continued support. Oh, by the way, I'll be in San Diego next week, so excited!

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I enjoyed so much this post! 💕

thanks so much for the comment @becomingpaloma

Looking very deliciuous

Ok, that mousse moose cake? So North Idaho! I love it! It's been ages since I've had Nutella in the house (darn allergies again!) but that looks just scrumptious! On the other hand, I made a decent vanilla cake for my son's birthday last week with cooked frosting.

It was just a single layer, but it happened to be gluten free and egg free, but had a pretty nice texture and even the picky hubby liked it, so yay me! We should celebrate the little things, right?

And those leggings? I'm just thinking of the wind flapping those little balloony parts around. I was giggling thinking about it, but seriously, that would be just too much sensory input for me right there! Lol!

Anyway, thanks again for an entertaining post and for making crave waffles! Which reminds me, now that our kitchen is almost done ( no counters yet, but we'll get there soon!) I need to pick up a good waffle iron. Do you like yours enough to recommend it?

actually, I do like my waffle maker, bought at Costco, not so sure they have it right now. Hope to see you at the meetup

i really really want them NOW. Thank you for sharing your waffles with me - all the best from cold austria

the food was delicious @gringalicious

yes, equally @gringalicious please visit my blog kalou no time @gringalicious

Mixture of all healthy items :)
Looking freaking yummy.

thanks for commenting @abdulmanan

your welcome dear

Wow.. its looks delicious..
beautiful photography my friend @gringalicious

thanks so much for the great commenting @achi

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Looks delicious...definitely going to give the chai buttermilk waffles a try this weekend 💖

sounds fantastic, take some pics, or better yet make a post about it

I like the post ...

.nice food photography thanks for sharing...

ok..dear...i am new here please viste my site also..

I love your lovely logo as well as the @gringalicious follow me sign.

That is very sweet @linlee888, thank you so much!

Looks like a piece of art! I'm on a diet now, but sooner or later I will indulge myself!

thanks so much for the great commenting @isabellemonisse

Wonderful post and amazing food thanks for sharing, follow me

I love it when you make waffles, and when you go crazy with chocolate, that's lit!

cok guzel bir yazi olmus umarim kisa surede iyileşirsin 😊

the first,
your cake looks so good.
very delicious.
make me hungry..

the second,
when you shoot your cake by lens Nikon 50mm f/1.8G.
that is very focus and sharpen.

this is my favourit lens.
i have this lens, but 50mm f/1.4G.

good job @gringalicious
like your post.
and thanks for sharing.

Great comment, thanks @baimatjeh81!

Looking so amazing and wonderful wow :D

thanks so much for all of your support @blazing

Your waffles with mango seems so delicious! I want to eat them all. Congrats for the big news! I'm happy for you! :)

thanks so much @sweetcarol. Have a great weekend

Nice article! Check out please my article about ski jumping! Thank YOU for supporting my work! 🙂

Nasty flu will leave us soon! Ahhh thanks for the recipe for Valentine's day, I was looking for something original to treat my loving partner. Mango is my favorite fruit by far.

fantastic, I am so glad I was able to inspire @jessicapixie

Seriously, can we all OD on Vitamin C?

Oh, for the first car I'd recommend a Ford Pinto Wagon. It's fuel efficient, and it has plenty of room for some lucky guy's mullet and empty Bud Light cans.

that made me laugh out loud. Unfortunately, I had a friend that had a pinto, it wasn't a good thing

Haha, I will only go for this plan if it comes in a shade of bright hot pink and you agree to put a liftkit on it. Thanks @drobinson!

@noboxes..."friend"? Is this one of those "asking for a friend.." type deals? Actually, I think my day had a Pinto.. he hated it.

@gringalicious, oh yes! It's game on! @rigaronib can hook you up with a sick paint job.

That looks crazy delicious. Good post.

you are welcome. I'm following your blog.

Here at home we have all had flu. We are all well now. But it's still cold ... I think I'll try one of your recipes to offer my boyfriend. @criptomaster what do you think?

You might win some points with him. Best of luck.

Wow. Thats very sweet to celebrate the valentines

I love the photos!!! Remember I promised posts with more photos, so check my new Vegan Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe Thanks, and any suggestions will mean a lot to me :)

thanks for the compliment. I took a look at your post, more photos, great! In the future, could you add a STEEM logo to one or more of your photographs, just print one out and have it in the background. I suggest steem and NOT steemit.

Thank you sooo much for your help! I can't say how much it means to me :) About the logo, something like this?

no, a printed out logo in the photo. Obviously, this will be in your future posts. You have the correct logo, btw

Oh, I see, I understand now, yup in my future posts, thanks!!! I appreciate your help so much :)

This waffles appealing me!!! Every time I want to make them, but i don’t have the special oven of them, but when i buy it i will give them a try.
Have nice day my dear friend!

I understand not having a waffle iron. When we were in Chile, it took a while to find one. You have a nice day as well and a fantastic weekend!

Yes dear! I don’t know the name, thank you very much for your support.

ya terimakasih atas resepnya kawan.

good foods with best photography

This looks soooo TASTY, I am reading this whilst eating a boring apple...(Mehhh) You give me food envy everytime @gringalicious good job! And love the logo :)

thanks for the idea for v-day, I'm wondering if using something else besides dark choc, any tips on melding candy bars into this recipe?

meld all the candy bars you want @rjifter

Happy birthday wishes to your nephew! Three is a fun age...

it looks great :)
I wanted to eat amazing chocolate the other day. and the best waffle came to mind.
my husband took me to a dessert. There were too many chocolates on the waffle I ate. and I ate it all, I do not have to move as results already. I slept and slept :DD:

Haha, well I do love chocolate too @artizm!

The moment I saw them, my kids came into my my son would ask me ... why don't you make those Mum? Yummy finger licking......

I need to try your chai spiced waffles recipe! But minus the mangos (I'm allergic). We just made these amazing dark chocolate mini waffles with espresso mascarpone cream last weekend and it was delicious!

you can so totally hold out on the mangos. thanks so much for commenting @esteemedly

hi @gringalicious, wonderful food photo shoot.

Thank you as always @rabeels, so kind

The cubed mangoes alone captured my attention. I love mangoes and my whole family does too. Every single thing you put on the plate is delicious by itself but putting them together creates the perfect treat.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful dish!

thanks so much for the great commenting @offoodandart and thank you for your continued support

I’d like to share with you some exciting news. @chefsteve, @pandamama and I are working on a cooking contest called Cook with Us. It will be launching very soon. We already have our @cookwithus page up and would love to hear any suggestions or tips you may have. We will be guests at @aggroed’s Minnow Mayor Town Hall radio show tonight 8 pm EST. Do stop by if you are free.

What would be the best way to contact you privately? Discord? Steemit.Chat? Thanks in advance!

chat or discord, you pick

Everything about this post oozes quality... We are happy having people like you with such taste with us. Thanks for the piece

thanks for the kind words @nuell

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