They are some amazingly lit Auroras makes me wanna visit there and see them by myself.

I guess that would be an epic experience

It os but really you need to be further north to sw it.... its only rarely we get the chance here

Yeah that's true very hard to encounter them also with these kind of breathtaking visuals.

But you know if you wanna dedicate yourself to that to have the experience you can stay there for some months and you will surely get some amazing breathtaking views also you can capture it which will give others the view too.

Also the auroras look epic from the international space station covering a whole area of the Earth and moving around swirling.
Some of the best once in a life experience :-)

This ism awesome as well.....Its worth having a look at the awesome historic show....

incredible pictures, i really would like to visit here!

you are welcome to visit...I ha d dear friend Judy Wu from Taiwan who studied at Durham University... I remember one night a group of us, including her went to the lighthouse one night in November at midnight to watch the meteor showers... magical...avid fan of your posting... may I also recommend Alaska... always wanted to see bears and whales... but never realised the beauty of the place.. I will be posting more... but have a look at this.. .. but most of all... I went to the beach where i first took my wife on our first date... sadly she died 17 years ago after a shipwreck in the malacca straits ... I dedicated this to her...listen to he music... look at the scenery .. and then you will know that Love Never Dies ....

Upvoted in respect to your wonderful articles and try and watch my videos... particularly the one with memories of a loved one....

So beautiful and so cool! I never knew you could find the Northern Lights in England!

Very rarely we get it in England,,, a few times a year in winter

These are fantastic photos. It really is God' country. I bet looking at them is so much better in real time than looking at photos, but these are priceless.

It is ...but in truth, as we are at the very limit for seeing the Northern Lights, its normally just a dim glow in the sky...a long exposure of 30 secs or longer brings out the colour better

Wonderful Northern Lights !originalworks

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Do you live close by or did you travel there? What kind of camera is needed to take incredible photos like this?!? 😮

I live in Whitley Bay.. a mile from the island and Lighthouse.
Holt island is 60 miles away... everything is nearby. I use my samsung k series camera phone with a 10x zoom and a panasonic lumix fz200

Lucky you! Really really nice!

Thanks... but photos dont tell you how bloody cold it can be have upvoted you

btw where do you live?

Würzburg/ Germany - within one hour south of Frankfurt. (ergo: close by 😜)

Thats not far away... my son went for an interview there for the Euro bank... before the brexit vote...he is staying in London

Thank you, you are a star...I have upvoted you

oopps meant Holy Island, everything is within 90 mins driving distance... the lighthouse and island maybe 5 mins

That's very close by! G'night for now! that is close is close?

btw ..where is close by?

Just amazing these stuff just relaxes your soul people who get to see these lights are really lucky.