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RE: Jasper National Park

Hey, @chaseburnett.

I've never been to Jasper, but those mountains and lake are simply amazing. Your images are just awesome, too, like being there. The magnitude and pristine majesty of the place. Spectacular. I could see why you would want to go back, and maybe even have better weather the next time around, although I think the natural light you had to work with really lends itself to the surroundings—like something straight out of a epic fantasy novel, or a tale of arctic adventure.

So, what kind of camera did you use, and I'm guessing you must have had a decent zoom lens, too, just to get close enough to the ram.

Clean, crystalline shots of stunning views.


The ram was actually right next to the car! I use an XT2 with a few prime lenses and a 16-35 equivalent. Thank you for the comment Glen!

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