Another kind of mindfulness

When are you present?

Me balancing in Dancer pose in my homemade favorite giraffe leggings. In the same way as we strengthen our muscles, we can practice our ability to live more in the moment. One of my goals this year.

Mindfulness is one way. To balancing on one leg trying not to fall another :) I'm curious, when do you feel present?

Hope you enjoyed the picture and I'm so happy for every like, resteem, comment and follow <3


Wait. How did you make your leggings!!! As someone with a leggings addiction Id LOVE to try that lol

A friend helped me out, but it was really easy (if you have a sewing machine). Will see if I can make a post with a guide on how to make them :) Haha yes leggings is the best, and fun to have some with crazy patterns lol :D

Damn girl! Much respect! The best thing I ever made with a sewing machine was a jacket sack lol I’m terrible with them!

Thank you so much <3
Lol yes it's not always easy! I once tried to sew my own jeans - the ugliest ones I have ever seen xD

Haha well points for bravery either way! I’d never attempt such a feat!

Would love to see how you made these too. We are trying to be more in the moment too and yoga will be a new practice, nice post... your pose looks great!

Thank you so much! Will try to do a guide on how to sew them :D

Very nice stance, I will try it at home.

Thank you so much! Best of luck with the yoga pose :)

Awesome balance. I remembered in those days when we do gymnastics back then as kid

Thank you so much @gimba ! It was good times when you was a kid and not to afraid to get hurt when trying new things! Did you liked the gymnastics?

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I love yoga too. And practicing balance demands 100 % focus. And its really nice.
Cool tights!!

Yes it's so nice! :D Thank you very much! <3

❤️ <3

You made those leggings? They are hot!

Yes, I'm not used to sew so they have now become my favourite ones because I managed to make them lol :)) Thank you so much! :D

I like the simplicity of this photo! Great work.

Thank you very much!

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