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Black & White City Life Photos On Classic 35mm

I don't know about you, but I personally love analog photography. I use 35mm for a lot of my projects just because it brings a certain dusty, classic and eerie realistic look to every captured moment. These are my favorite photos of the photosessions I organized last summer for my T-shirt drop for my brand "Ethereal Regalia". The details captured by this 20-something year old camera are astonishing and I was really surprised when I first got these photos developed. I will for sure be sticking to analog for the future for any urban or art photography.

ethereal regalia photo.jpgethereal regalia photography.jpgethereal regalia photos.jpgetherealregalia.jpgethereal regalia black and white.jpgethereal regalia 35mm.jpg

If you want to check out my brand further check me out on Instagram.


love these - so much character and depth. what is the make/model of camera?

Cool... loved all the pics! Thanks for sharing ! 👍

Glad you like them ^^
Maybe I should post all of them...

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