The Danger That Lurks

Does it sometimes happen to you when you enter your toilet you suddenly see a spider on the wall or on the floor, unmoving and still, as if ready to pounce on you if you made a wrong move? Sometimes they can be very big. Sometimes, and most often, they're small and look harmless. If this happens to you, did you ever wonder where they come from? Where were they hiding all these times? You take the time to clean your loo and still somehow these creatures still manage to scare the helluva out of you by suddenly being right there when you are about to use it.


Well it happened to me but not exactly where you think I found it. That spider on the picture above, looking so menacing and deadly, happens to be just a small fellow hiding inside the tank of the water closet (that I think is the term they use for loo in the construction language).


Gotcha! So that's where you've been hiding all these time you little critter. Mystery solved. Now I know where they hide and probably where they make more baby spiders. So next time you clean the loo, make sure you check the water tank. Lift the cover gently and slowly, keep a few feet away from it just in case, and look inside. Chances are you won't find anything anyway but better safe than sorry.


If you're wondering what I did to the spider, I just left him where he was. He probably didn't expect to be discovered and was just as surprised to see me. Anyway spiders don't scare me. At least not this small.

That's it for this short post of mine. I hope you liked it. Stay safe everyone.

(All photos are mine.)