Yellow autumn leaves at night.

in photography •  3 months ago


I was just out, walking Ninnu when I came to this view. Had to shoot it with my smartphone.

Backlit leaves are cool.

I'll try posting those Yesterday's steam engine photos after I've read some Deadly Hallows to the boys.

See ya then!

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Walking with a dog sometimes reluctantly. It is very disciplined, but what joy they bring to you and your children. I think it's worth it

Nice glow. We are losing our leaves and didnt get much color so far this year...

Winter is not far off for you guys now. Ninnu will be happy with the cold with all that fur.

Autumn is here again. I can't really say whether it is autumn or summer I like yet. Which would you choose @gamer00 autumn or summer?


It depends... The Summer is the best for my health, but I do love all the other seasons for they all have that certain beauty to them.


Yes, that is true.

yeah, the backlit gives the leaves an interesting effect.

so peace, silence and beauty love it 👌

Near by background calm & silent with brightness yellow autumn leaves.

In our part of the world winter is coming. Nice click, Ninnu is missing in the pic @gamer00

A nice shot you captured in the low light there perfect :)

Never try to take photo like this before! Very interesting way of looking at things!

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Yeah now I believe Autumn is yellow! Nice photography Jaro!


Nice shot under the light. Autumn leave everywhere here. Better shine give to background.