A little taster photo from those I took this morning.

in photography •  5 months ago


I took a few photos this morning, but never quite managed to get to the editing.

So I decided to edit one of them before going to bed and do the rest of them tomorrow, provided that I have enough time between taking Miro to school, going to gym, fetching him from school and then host the go club in the evening.

Time management never was my top qualities. ;)

Okay, here's the photo I promised:

Hollolan kirkonkylän ranta / laituri

I drove up to the Hollola parish. My idea was to shoot in a foggy forest, but since a minibus was blocking my way on the Northern church parking area, I decided to drive to the beach instead and shoot there. Glad I did. I took some nice photos. :)

And I will posting them later. As I said, I'll be going to bed now.

See ya tomorrow!

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Finally, after waiting the whole day! I think
I can comment now. But the voting power is down to 20%. It will take three days to be fully charged at 100%.
Good grief!

Hope you are doing very well and healthy!


Fog always makes for fun photography. Nice shot!

This is a great view my friend . Amazing captur this scenery . Wounderful photography . Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Now you ran after the foggy side good choice.

It's a nice photography! I think you focused on that forest instead of that Pier! It's really foggy environment! Feel so great and I really like that foggy times!


This is simple but professional capture .
Good shot

While yes the time issue is quite a hassle

But the image is indeed very wonderful, the fogs made it very beautiful :)

Good night buddy

Very foggy environment in the morning . Nice pic

It is a great view. I wonder It must be difficult and dangerous to drive with poor visibility, right?

Good photo in foggy morning .

Wao very impressive photography,Very attractive and wonderful pic,
Fog is a visible aerosol consisting of minute water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air,,And good morning sir have a nice day,

There are more foggy condition. But no worries you've already took high quality view. Cool background to anybody.

Okay, friend Jaro see you tomorrow. I will wait for your next publications I imagine that this mist was accompanied by a slight cold in the morning.

Right on the money with The foggy beach photo... Certainly beats shooting inside a forest with such a low visibility

great view buddy 😍😍

How beautifully you have covered everything like water, fog, jungle and a track to walk. This is what we call the perfect photography, Great @gamer00 :)

The weather seems great there otherwise everywhere is hot

Thanks for sharing! The fog makes all the difference!

the picture looks beautiful

There is like a sea grotto

Hey! Jaro!
My eyes are now very foggy as I have been checking this foggy photo.
Please have some sunny and cute photos of Ninnu!!

Hope you are very well. Life has been quite tough for many people partly due to astrological influences!

Funny dream I had last night! Wonder why I dreamt about the Clintons, both of them dead! My mind is foggy now. Hahaha.

Really amazing photography! All over fog there is no difference between the sky and the sea, you got the wonderful moment and position, loved this.