LIVING IN A DREAM - Photography by me

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This one is a bit different from the previous pictures from Slovenia. I played along with editing the background colors in something more fantasy/fairytale like, as the picture had this kind of vibe for it. 

I'm really curious what your opinion is about this! What do you like about this picture or my previous work? What could I do better or what don't you like about my work? All opinions are welcome! I'm searching for some tips to improve myself and the vote of the audience is therefore very important to me! 

                             "Living in a Dream"

                                              Model: Tara Kankarash
                                         Mua & Hair: Barbara Fartek
                                   Fashion Designer: Ariadna Mladen
                         Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

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Awesome photo :)

I like it! :) i think the photoshopping/color balancing could use some work to cut her lose from the background, but other than that it looks really nice! Well done!

Thank you so much! Some tip I've never heard before, so thank you for that! Something to keep in mind :)

Yah bro really this content just awesome.. keep it forever....and share with us....