Evening beach

in photography •  7 months ago

As the summer is coming to it's end, the weather is still warm and in some places, even water is warm enough for a quick swim.

And what's better than an evening dip in the water on a totally empty beach?

You can emerge from the trees like a forest animal, drop your clothes and enjoy the total solitude and serenity as the sun is preparing to set behind the peninsula.

Jump in.

Be it in your trunks or totally naked - it doesn't matter, there is no-one to see or judge you.

Only some ants climb on your clother and backpack, trying to eat those few snacks that you brought with you.

The cool but not cold water will refresh your body and mind. When you finally are ready to come out, you will feel reborn :)

Enjoy the rest of the summer and coming autumn!

Title image from pixabay


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The water is still cold, it's cold in the summer and it's cold now. Us, Estonians, we have to deal with that. It's nice to see that at least one of us likes swimming in chilly waters as well. Great photos! ;)


Not that chilly yet! We take what we can get in this climate, you're right bout that :)

awsome clicks ... looks so cool ... also would love to swim in the water naked ;)

Beautiful and Amazing Photography

@furious-one no doubt amazing post and reading this post makes me feel i had a deep dive right away

Chill summer..

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