Summer on Bornholm Denmark - Photography Best of July August (so far)

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I know that August or summer (luckily) is not completely over yet, but I just felt like sharing some of the beautiful photo's I've taken lately that are just sitting there otherwise :)

All pictures are from the island Bornholm in Denmark

The unlit Skt Hans fire; On the 23rd of June, just around the longest day of the year, it's Skt Hans evening, where usually a big fire is burned, but this year, because of the draught, no fires where aloud to be lit, so here in August the fire still stands unlit as a monument of the driest summer in 140 years here



the cherries has been overwhelming though










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Amazing photos! The one of the sky is incredible!

Beautiful pictures! Danmark er så smuk!
I'm going to put some pics from our short Denmark vacation.
Always, always a relaxing place to getaway.


not so relaxing in winter when it rains and is windy all the time XD But of course that's where Danish Hygge comes in, to soften it all up ;)
thank you <3 :) Where in Denmark did you go? (feel free to send a me a notice if you do put them up and I don't notice!)


I go to the west coast of Jütland because I love the dunes and the rough seas. Yes, that's where Sauna and Whirlpool come in. Yes! It's Hygge all the way <3