Portraitphotography: My 94-old Grandfather

in photography •  last year

Yes, what you see is right.
At the age of 94, they can still read without using eyeglasses.
To tell the truth, they love reading Bible and singing kingdom melodies.
I can see how they zealously serving the true God even at that age.


They manage to attend religous meetings and preaching too, unless they don't feel well..
I 100% agree that we learn more from their experiences, whenever we talked with them, they always say the same thing, but the point is, they always share about Bible principles.


This is the lesson
Serving the true God has no limit. We must not retire and we should allow any hindrances to stop us from loving the only true God. Age is not an excuse, not to worship true God. My grandfather is one proof that our body and health will be weakened but not our faith and love for God.

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Wow I'm happy for you and for your grandfather. He is blessed by god thats is why he deserve to live a longer life. He has a good relationship with you and your family thats why. Nice post upvoted and followed

hi, are Jehovah's witness?


Opo ate @dalethbm..:)


jw din ako from samar. nkilala ko kc bnabasa ng lolo mo, "sing praises", kaya ngtanong ako. tulungan tayo, check mo account ko @dalethbm. ito fb ko https://www.facebook.com/razeihj.jbm pm mo ako girl...


Sure sis..:)


Also JW here from tacloban. Hi, ate @dalethbm! Nakakatuwa naman makatagpo ng mga kapatid dito sa steemit. 😊


yana ko la nbasa m comment day

the Bible is a great book and we must keep on reading this until we face our creator soon.

keep it up grandpa

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