Foggy Field at Dusk (Original Photography)

in photography •  4 months ago

Yesterday brought a couple interesting surprises. The day started off with a dense rain, providing some great conditions for photographing the bison at the state park.

Needing to escape the city sounds and enjoy the fading light, I headed out later in the day and discovered a fog had rolled in off the river. It created a blanket of diffused light, covering the low-lying prairie near the river banks.

Foggy Field
This is a little field of native praire plants, likely part of a DNR (Department of Natural Resources) prairie restoration project. Because it's not only low-lying, but next to a small tributary creek, it was one of the foggier spots.

Bathed in Orange-Red Light
Pulling off to the side of the park entrance and setting up a tripod, I was able to use a longer shutter speed and lower iSO to get around my aging camera body's abysmal low-light performance. The last rays of sunlight cast the scene in a beautiful, warm hue.

Looking at the plant life, it's obvious that summer is nearing its end. Many have gone to seed and the flowers, once beautiful starbursts of color, are beginning to fall apart.

Wuzza Flower
On the way back to my apartment, I came across this view and pulled as far off of the roadway as possible. The shoulder drops away quickly into a steep incline, so I couldn't completely pull off and, while I had blinkers and running lights, it wasn't a very safe spot. Setting up a tripod would have taken too long, so the image quality isn't great in this next photo, but it shows the river valley from a higher vantage point.

Needed a Tripod
A modern, full-frame sensor would have done a much better job, but the image is still usable in lower resolutions.

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.




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Thanks for the tip of bringing a rag to a fog photoshoot! I just about missed this post, glad I always gaze at your posts once in awhile:)


I should find the photo I took in Ronda, when it was super foggy and I forgot a microfiber cloth. It was an interesting effect. Definitely not what I was after, though!

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Your post is interesting I like it

I like blurry style!! Nature is the best place u can visite and feeling so good!!

Really cool pics. The colors in the last one are really pretty!! And I really love the first one as well. Those are some pretty skies you've got there!


Thanks! This part of Minnesota is pretty flat, so we get a lot of sky. This was the first time I've seen fog this dense here. I wanted to run through it, but there are wood ticks and a huge swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitos was following me.


That would not be a delightful thing to have attack you! Lol. We have heavy fog roll through here regularly. Can't even see across the neighborhood!


Fog is pretty and one of my favorite photography conditions... as long as I remember to bring a cloth to wipe the moisture off the lens, anyway!

Love the photo. That decrepit lighthouse thing must have been fascinating :-D

Oh my @fotosdenada. What gorgeous photographs. I love all of them.

Lucky you had your camera with you! 😁


Thanks! I almost always have my camera when I drive places.

That first shot is great. Nice colors and beautiful fog!


Thank you

I’m a sucker for yellow flowers! I really like the third image! ✨

Rad post! Great photos!


Ha... What's left of them! The late-summer wildflowers are blooming, but they're mostly purples and blues.

Beautiful, love these shots!