A Tiny Tree Hugger (Original Macro Photography)

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It's been an interesting (and long!) week here in Minnesota, and I feel like I've been neglecting Steem a little. The last couple days have found me stripping wallpaper, looking for work, doggy sitting my parents' blind hound dog, and even doing a wedding photo shoot for a friend's mom.

In the free time I have had, I've been doing a lot of hunting the tinier denizens of my parents' flower gardens and the forest behind the house. Today's find is a little tree frog that I noticed clinging to a leaf on a potted plant. I rarely see them, since they are so small, but their vocalizations make them hard not to notice in the spring.

Happy Mosquito Muncher

At first, he was huddled against the stem and the only photo possible was of his backside. He did eventually turn around to catch a passing mosquito, though, and I was ready when he did.

Monday has almost come again, so this can be my contribution to the #macromonday shenanigans.


I'll be headed back to Mankato, tomorrow, and applying for some more retail jobs. Hopefully, I can at least get something to cover the basics while I search for a career position. I struggled through a masters degree with dyslexia and vision trouble against me in the hopes of finding a meaningful career with a decent paycheck. Right now, I'm wondering if the effort was in vain.

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Amazing details! Resteemed.


Weird how dogs seem to go blind and cats seem to go deaf. My cat is going deaf and it never gets old scaring the crap out of her hehe.
Oh, and in your last post, I meant to say thank you for the tutorial, it was awesome!!!

Good luck in Mankato!

Cute little froggy! You were able to learn Spanish with dyslexia? I hear that is really difficult. Hoping you find a good job soon!

Fortunately, I started learning Spanish when I was younger and my eyes still worked. The dyslexia was a problem, but at least I could see the page. Living in Andalucía is where I learned the most, though, and that was mostly conversation. When there's nobody to speak English with, you learn Spanish quickly :-)

So true that instant immersion is the way to go. That's why we threw our kids in public school this year. They're picking it up, although they act like they aren't. I'm about to start immersion at home as well... Yikes.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Another impressive set of photos and good luck with the job hunting, I know there is something out there!

Thanks! We'll see about the job hunt. I may have an interview this Friday.

Good luck sir fotosdenada!

You'd probably enjoy my yard. Before I cleaned my pool of it's winter sludge back in June it was full of tadpoles. I left off cleaning the pool long enough for them to grow and hop off and this summer frogs have been plentiful. I went swimming the other night and found five frogs in the pool with me. Good luck with the job hunting. It's not easy. I'm feeling like my almost phd (still working on that) isn't going to get me a job. All that's available are minimum wage unskilled jobs here.

Are you still working on that thesis? I hope you can finish that up soon, so it's not hanging over you anymore. It's a great feeling to be done.

I've actually been looking at jobs all over the country, and even beyond. Since it's just me, moving isn't a problem. Even so, finding work has been difficult. I would like to teach at a community college, but those jobs have been taken by people with higher degrees. Most universities are down-sizing because there aren't enough students to go around. I'm looking into alternatives, too, with little luck. I've even had trouble finding a local retail job, because it's a college town and they can hire part-time students willing to work for peanuts. For beer, anyway. You know... college kids.

Good luck with your employment search. Are there any opportunities for working online with your degree?

What cool shots and stay positive you worked hard on your studies with your challenges and should be proud of that, I hope you find something in the interim and a good career position down the line

Thanks! I've gotten a few nibbles as far as work goes. We'll see if any pan out.

Lets hope something that interests you does more than nibble and makes an offer ;)

Superb images @fotosdenada You have a great talent for macro shots. Something will turn out soon as far as your career goes. Keep positive. 😊